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Autumn in Korea: Color inspiration

rice field Gyeongsan

I love all things Autumn – the chill in the air, unpacking the heavy quilts, baking, and above all, the colors that inspire me.

Fall colors are a sight to behold in Korea. After living in Korea for more than a decade, I’ve decided that October is my favorite month. By Halloween, the landscape is a fiery mixture of maple-russet, ginkgo-gold, and the yellow-green of rice paddies, with surprising touches of purple that always blow me away.

You can see what I mean from these photos that are from around my neighborhood. It’s no accident that my home is furnished abundantly with these hues.

Makes sense this time of year that I’m drawn to saturated shades of yarn, fabric, and paper for my makes. I’ve got a few hues ready to work with now that have that “fall feeling.” Color is one of the simple pleasures of my life, and I love finding just the right one for a project and for a person.

One of my favorite yarns I’m working with now is The Yarn Collective’s Bloomsbury DK in Fuschia. It’s a stunning melange of eye-popping pinks and purples.  It reminds me of a photo I recently took of a hibiscus (mugunghwa), which is Korea’s national flower.

I’m making a surprise garment with this beauty, so check back soon to see what it is, and for whom!

I’m also working with Rowan Felted Tweed this fall, which is one of my all-time favorite yarns for sweaters. It has a touch of alpaca that gives it a pretty halo, and it feels “clean” on my hook or needles. My color this fall is “Bottle Green.”  Rowan’s Bottle Green could also have been named blue spruce, I think. It has yummy little flecks of caramel tweed mixed in.

And, not to forget the maples and gingkos – I have some pretty Daiso yarn in paprika and gold, to make mittens. I will share the pattern for mittens when I make them.

All that yarn should keep me busy until Christmas!

Let me leave you with a photo of glossy, vibrant leaves from a Korean persimmon tree in my neighborhood.  Persimmons are very much in season now in Korea.  The persimmon capital of Korea is about 30 minutes south of me, so these days it’s all about the persimmons (감, gam)!

I’d love to know what colors or seasons inspire you. What colors do you like in your home, or for your craft projects?  Write a comment below, or find me on Facebook or Instagram.  See you again soon!



5 thoughts on “Autumn in Korea: Color inspiration

    1. Thanks for commenting, I love Oregon, too! ❤ All of the Pacific Northwest inspires me. I'm from California and visit the giant redwoods every chance I get.


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