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Scraps to Treasure: Free lanyard pattern (crochet)

Anyone with a yarn (or fabric, or paper) obsession like mine will recognize this photo – it’s the result of never wanting to throw out any craft material, “just in case” it comes in handy one day.

Full disclosure, that’s only a fraction of my scrap stash. But not long ago, it was even bigger!  What happened? Well, I’ve recently adopted a Marie Kondo-esque determination to clear the clutter.  It’s encouraged me to fashion things from what I have, before I buy something new. That goes for my closets, drawers, and kitchen cupboards, too.

For example, the granny square blanket I made a few months ago put a big dent in my yarn scrap pile:

Scrap Granny blanket

As did some experiments with toys and amigurumi that delighted my nieces:

I got to thinking how much more I could crochet, weave, or knit with with scrap yarn, and made a list of several ideas that were easy, quick, and useful. Just a few from my list:

  • a scrap hat, scarf, or sweater (for human or dog)
  • toys; amigurumi; tooth fairy pillow; doll clothes
  • pin cushion
  • rugs
  • coasters; trivets
  • crochet or knitted motifs
  • wall hanging
  • pompoms; tassels
  • bunting
  • lanyard
  • holiday ornaments
  • gift wrap and ties
  • hair accessories
  • yarn bombing!

I know I’ve just scratched the surface here. What else would you add?

The lanyard idea appealed to me, because I’m a teacher and I like to keep my thumb drive with me at all times.  Below, I share with you a simple pattern for a crochet lanyard that requires just a small amount of fingering or sport weight yarn, a metal clasp for the lanyard, a hook to match the yarn weight, and a yarn needle. **A future post shows beaded versions.**

If you want to dress it up, you could add beads or buttons. I added just a couple of quirky purple glass buttons on one of mine, but you can do smaller ones on the entire length, if you like. A beaded version** of the pattern is included below the standard version.

Crochet Lanyard

The pattern is stated in U.S. terms, and is suitable for ultra-beginners. Using the recommended yarn, the finished article will be about 1 cm wide, and 80 cm in length. Chains can be added to increase the length (if you are adding beads, adjust accordingly).


  • 20 grams of fingering or sport-weight yarn (Fibers such as acrylic blends, cotton, and even a bit of lurex work well.)
  • Size D (3.25mm) crochet hook, or a hook that matches your yarn weight
  • 1 metal or plastic clasp
  • yarn needle, for sewing the ends
  • Optional embellishments: beads; buttons; bows; charms (If using beads, thread them onto your yarn before you begin to crochet – see below.)

ch=chain;  sc=single crochet;  sts=stitch(es)

Row 1: Ch 201.

Row 2: 1 sc in second ch from hook; 1 sc in rem ch. (200 sts) Turn.

Row 3: Ch1, 1sc in each sc to end. (200 sc)

Row 4: Ch1, 1sc in each sc to end. Leave a tail for sewing, and fasten off.

**Beaded Version:

Thread 50 beads onto your yarn before you begin to crochet.

Work the first 2 rows, then replace Row 3 with the following:

Row 3: Ch1, *sc3, bring one bead along the yarn and hold it next to the last sc made, then 1sc in next st, rep from * to end. Tie off.

(**If you want an extra row of beads for a wider lanyard, double the beads, and repeat row 3.)

Next: Thread an end of the lanyard through the clasp, and use the tail to sew one end of it to the other. Be sure the work is not twisted before sewing. Sew a loop on the lanyard so the clasp stays put. It’s now ready to use and wear! (see future post for an example that uses crochet thread)

If you use this pattern, I would love to see what you create! Please follow my blog to see more like this in the future. I have some new patterns to share in the coming weeks.

As a final treat, let me leave you with this treasure of a photo, taken today – two guys fishing in the pond just west of my workplace, in Gyeongsan, South Korea. A peaceful scene on a perfect Autumn day.
See you again soon!


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