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A couple of stitching hacks, a WIP, and Halloween

Happy Halloween from Korea! 행복한 할로윈 ! Autumn color is in full swing. Here is a glimpse from outside my front door, the morning of Oct. 31:

Gyeongsan, South Korea

This afternoon, I handed out candy to random strangers on the main street in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t have thought to do that in a busy neighborhood back home in the States, but somehow this neighborhood is unique, and I’m ok with being the eccentric American lady.

Halloween is not a big holiday in Korea, as it has no cultural connection, but in recent years it has become more popular due to an influx of American expats, as well as the influence of media. It has become more common to see Korean school children celebrate at school, and to see decorations and costumes in shops.

I’ve spent this All Hallows Eve “on the hook,” and thought to share with you two quick hacks that I use all the time for knitting and crochet – one, I found on Pinterest awhile back – I use cheap, basic hair clips to keep my yarn balls from unraveling. In Korea, they’re about 10 for a buck. Here’s an example, with a filet crochet WIP:

Clip and work-in-progress

I’ll show you more of the filet crochet item when it’s finished and blocked. It’s a Celtic heart design by Michelle Ryan.

Another way I stay tidy is by keeping those clips, as well as plastic stitch markers, in a tiny, sealable container. When the lid is on tight, there’s no worry about losing any little bits, and the top doubles as a keeper, while I work.

That’s it for today! See you again soon. Next time, I’ll take you along with me to a traditional Korean market.

I’ll leave you with a view of a Korean Halloween sundown on my back “porch.” Spooky tidings to all!

Happy Halloween! 행복한 할로윈 !

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