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Podcasts I listen to while crafting

I enjoy stitching while conversing with my stitch circle or family, but when that’s not possible – and I crave a bit of news or storytelling – I find a podcast series.

Still working on the matelassé-inspired octagon blanket. Today’s tea: Yogi mango ginger

Podcasts are cool because they appeal to my urge to multi-task. Plugging into a conversation about the state of global politics (or a true crime episode, or a travelogue) as I finish the cuff of a sleeve is pure satisfaction. Add a favorite bevvie and snacks, and I could go for hours.

I lean towards history, cultural studies, political discussion, or just a good old mystery or ghost story, laced with generous amounts of wit and humor. At this writing, here are three of the podcasts that keep me interested:

NPR’s “Throughline” – This is NPR’s first history podcast, and it has a cool approach. Hosts Rund and Ramtin narrate a historical backdrop to help listeners understand the origins of current events. They welcome experts in a period in history to provide insight. Recent discussions have been as diverse as Puerto Rico, past presidential impeachments, and zombies (the Halloween episode).

“Dark Histories” – The series leads with the tagline “the stories of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries, and strangest happenings,” so I was immediately intrigued. Now in Season 3, Dark Histories delivers bi-weekly episodes of historical mysteries, murders, and cultural oddities that often leave me a bit creeped out, albeit in the best way. Ben’s beautiful baritone tells a great story, all researched by the man himself, with thought-provoking commentary at the end.

“Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” – Jonathan is one member of the “Queer Eye” reality show team (the grooming expert). JVN has his own podcast, whose topics run the gamut of his long list of interests and questions about everything from the Great British Bake-Off, to the definition of terrorism, techno-chauvinism, and the census. Uplifting and occasionally irreverent, and always entertaining, just like the host. You can find it on Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple iTunes.

Do you listen to podcasts while crafting or doing something else? What are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Podcasts I listen to while crafting

  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts while knitting. I tend to avoid political ones since they stress me and mess with my gauge:(
    I enjoy Astonishing Legends, Crime Writers On, Fame is a Bitch and History On Blast (it’s my daughter who hosts that one so I’m required to mention it). Plus lots of true crime.


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