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Paint chip art

Sometimes I make portraits of people and animals from paint chips/samples. Yes, those free paint chip cards that you can pick up at a hardware/home improvement store. I cut the pieces freehand with a tiny pair of scissors, or occasionally I’ll bring in the “big gun” (an Exacto knife). They have a cartoonish aspect, I think.

I found the idea awhile back in a magazine, where they showed images made from brightly-colored paint chip shards that were assembled into birds. They made it look easy (but in reality, it is very fidgety). I wanted to try it, so I went out and got some free paint chips from my local big-name hardware store (I don’t advocate fleecing the shop for art supplies, but… I did get what I needed), got a supply of glue sticks, some sharp scissors, and set about making a cartoon likeness of my cockatiel, Mr. P.

It snowballed from there and I did one of Peaches, my sister’s pug. Most recently, my dear friend expressed wanting a likeness of himself, so I finally got around to it.

It’s a peculiar type of craft that uses some child-friendly materials. I don’t do it often, partly because it’s hard to get paint chips in Korea, and it also makes a mess, with paper shavings and glue everywhere. I really love making messes! But cleaning up is a bummer.

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