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Favorite Makes of 2019: Toy Edition

Now that the year is coming to a close, I think about all the new techniques I’ve learned and what I’ve made. I still have another month or so to finish my current WIPs, but you can bet I’ll start another project before the year is out! One thing I’ve so enjoyed making this year are amigurumi figures. Here are my ultimate favorite toys I made in 2019:

Pedro the Donkey is far and away the most popular of my makes this year. He’s a pattern from Airali Design, using eight colors of “Phildar Coton 3” (a French brand of yarn). I started by making all his accessories, then the body, and finally the mane. I followed the pattern instructions exactly, with a few personal touches: Pedro has a little bell, and a salt-and-pepper mane. I also did the stitching on his rein a bit differently.

Pedro the Donkey – pattern by Airali Design (Etsy)

Another item I enjoyed making is the rainbow unicorn. I made this one for my oldest niece, who loves unicorns, and I couldn’t agree more – they are awesome! What’s cool about this one is it has a rainbow mane with a braid, and it uses scrap yarn – remember my post a few weeks ago about using leftovers? The yarn weight is DK. This tiny guy (about 4 inches in height) is a prime example of using scraps successfully:

Rainbow Unicorn – my own design

The monkey was yet another toy I started by using scraps. The yarn weight is DK. It’s a free pattern from Heart and Sew, and his charm comes from the little fez perched on his big round head. Such a sweet, squishy guy, and great fun to make. I gave him to the child of a friend.

Monkey – free pattern at

The chameleon was fun, but a bit of a challenge. I used a multi-colored yarn that was difficult to work with, but I think the lizard ended up looking cool. The pattern is genius in the way it has the eyes sunken in. There are contrasting colors inside the eye sockets (my addition). I put a pipe cleaner inside his tail, so it could curl a little. The finished size is about 7 inches from head to tail.

Color Pop Chameleon – pattern by Irene Strange (Etsy)

I love making amigurumi, and can’t wait to start another project! My 2020 “Wanna-Makes” include dogs, a magpie, and a cockatiel. What animal would you like to see in toy form? Let me know in the comments!

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