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Easy crochet gift make: Lanyard follow-up

Two weeks ago, I mentioned lanyards as a great way to use up yarn scraps and I shared an easy pattern. Here are some photos of lanyards I made using #20 crochet cotton thread. I got this cotton from Daiso (a kind of discount store in the Far East), but your favorite brand of crochet thread will work beautifully.

#20 cotton crochet thread, and a finished article.

What’s fun about lanyards, in addition to their simplicity, is that they can be personalized. The above lanyard uses turquoise beads from a broken bracelet.

If you want to make one, you can reference back to my previous pattern that tells how to crochet one with fingering or sport-weight yarn. If you decide to use crochet thread, I suggest making your foundation chain a little longer. I used 221 chains (220 stitches) for the above lanyard.

Two examples of lanyards made with #20 crochet cotton thread.

If you decide to add beads along the entire length of the lanyard, it just takes a little math. A lanyard with a starting chain of 201 (200 stitches) and beads every fifth stitch, will take 40 beads. A lanyard with a starting chain of 221 (220 stitches) and beads every fifth stitch, will take 44 beads.

As a teacher, I rely on my lanyard to hold my thumb drive – it is also colorful enough to be noticed, so I avoid losing it.

What quick crochet gift ideas do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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