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My latest sweater update

I’ve been moving pretty slowly on all my works in progress, because it’s the end of the semester and holiday time – all things converge to keep me busy. Even so, I did manage to finish this lovely ribbed turtleneck, using a pattern from “Created by Patti.”

I know the yarn is an interesting choice, and originally, this yarn was intended for something entirely different. The yarn is from The Yarn Collective, a company that works with indie designers to create their yarn collections. I ordered the yarn online from the U.K., and when it arrived, I realized it wasn’t going to work – but still loved it and kept it for just the right future project. The yarn is so bright and splashed with complementary shades of purple, orange, and pink. It has a “weathered” or saturated watercolor effect about it, which is unusual, and I think suits a very simple pattern such as this one.

I am really bold with color these days. In Korea, people aren’t extremely adventurous with color – popular car colors are black, white, and silver. Most of my university students wear neutrals of black, white, navy, and gray, and their winter coats are black. Once in awhile, though, I spot some lovely color amidst the safe color choices. A few surprises I spotted today: a guy with red socks; a school-bus yellow scarf; a cotton-candy pink car coat. And the day I wore the fuchsia sweater, two of my students had on similar shades of pink. So, there’s hope!

If I could make this sweater again (which I likely won’t), BUT if I did… 🙂 I’d make the sleeves a tad shorter, and the body a tad longer. I love the turtleneck, the side vents, and the color.

Much more lovely creative stuff coming on the heels of this post, I promise – as soon as my semester slows down a bit. I’ll be sharing more details of life in Korea and my upcoming Japan trip.

Until the next installment, carry on bravely,


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