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New amigurumi to love: Ham’bear’gur

I just finished this charming little guy last night, after having this pattern on my list of “must-dos” for several months. You might remember I wrote last month about my favorite toy makes of 2019, and I should definitely include this little sweetheart in the line-up.

The Hambeargur is a visual pun, and a whimsical meld of two American classics, the double cheeseburger and the Teddy bear.

The pattern is by Krawka Crochet. I used 7 colors of Phildar Phil Coton 3, a French yarn that I really love for amigurumi. The yarn contains a touch of aloe vera, and never gives me any trouble splitting, even with the tightest of stitches and increases.

I look forward to trying more amigurumi figures that are somehow out of the ordinary. I love making toys – and even though my list of projects is long, I’ll always make time if a figure this charming comes along.

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