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Crafting for a cause – Nests for rescued Aussie wildlife

For weeks, Australia has been ravaged by bush fires that have destroyed homes and habitats, and displaced many people and animals. Australia’s iconic wildlife have been particularly hard-hit, and rescue centers have put out a call for custom-made nests, pouches, and blankets to protect the most vulnerable animal babies caught in the fires.

Crafters around the world have been using their skills to make and send these articles where they’re most needed. A small crafty group where I live in Korea is contributing, too.

My jam is crochet, particularly amigurumi and toy making, so these tiny nests were a natural choice for me. They use the same single crochet spiral technique used in amigurumi.

They’re a cinch to make. I cranked out four of them this morning, using acrylic and wool scrap yarn. I can’t think of a more worthy purpose for my box of scraps, now crafted into cozy little beds that can assist in preserving the tiniest life.

The nests range in size from just 4 cm, small enough for a baby hummingbird, to a size big enough to accommodate a litter of baby bunnies.

PHOTO: I’m reminded of my wonderful trips to Australia, and the incredible flora and fauna.

My other projects can finish a bit more slowly. I’ll continue to make a couple each day until next week, when I meet my fellow art and craft nerds to pack a box bound for the Land Down Under.

If you would like more information about this project, visit the Animal Rescue Craft Guild on Facebook. You will find files containing all the sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns for animal nests and pouches.

Below is a list of rescue centers near large fire areas, where articles may be shipped:

PHOTO information credit: Animal Rescue Craft Guild. All addresses are in Australia.

3 thoughts on “Crafting for a cause – Nests for rescued Aussie wildlife

  1. Great work! There are also patterns around for knitting (and presumably crocheting as well) pouches for baby animals like koalas and kangaroos. I live in New Zealand and my younger son is in Melbourne. Coincidentally my older son also spent time in South Korea.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the best place I found for patterns is the link my post. There are knitting, crochet, sewing, and other crafts represented there. So great to hear from you all the way in New Zealand 🇳🇿 💙 a dream location for me.

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