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A tiny, crocheted biscornu, with tassel and beads

I just finished this little side project, a biscornu (fancy name for a pin cushion), using a pattern by one of my favorite crochet designers at the moment, Mark Roseboom. The designer’s blog can be found on WordPress.

I used Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat, a mercerized cotton thread, in gradient colors: jet black (110), jade (514), dark teal (401), chrystaline (385), and tropic (253). I went a little higher on the recommended hook size, and used a steel hook size 1.90mm.

It’s stuffed with poly toy stuffing and embellished with a tassel and beads on each side. As you can see from the photo below, I fastened off after each round, and the ends are hidden inside the article.

Lately I’ve been really into using very fine threads and small hooks. Seriously not sure what’s gotten into me, because my eyesight is not great! But I’m enjoying it. I love the challenge, and Mark Roseboom’s designs are exquisite and a bit involved, so I find them immersive. Soon I’ll start to make one of his mandalas with glass beads that I pick up in Tokyo next month, as well as a larger project in the Spring.

The biscornu are such cute items. They are too pretty to use as pin-cushions, although they definitely work as such. I think they should just be on display, to add some exotic flair to a decor. I have more Scheepjes threads in oranges and in pinks, so I may attempt another one soon.

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