Tokyo bound in February

In about 10 days, I’ll be on my way to Tokyo, Japan for sightseeing, shopping, and plenty of cultural immersion. This will be my second trip to Tokyo, and my sixth visit to Japan.

It’s been about 8 1/2 years since I last visited Tokyo, but I have great memories of many iconic sights, including the famed Shibuya crossing. I found a great article on CNN Travel that describes the Shibuya Crossing: (here).

I also plan to visit some quieter venues, including parks, shrines, temples, and even take a tour of Yanaka, a Tokyo neighborhood that is supposed to evoke a bit of old Japan, and has plenty of handicraft shops, which I will relish to no end.

Speaking of crafts, I will most certainly do some shopping to supply my voracious paper- and yarn-craft wishes, as well as gifts, and I have a list a mile long! I have consulted some experts online about the best places to find what I want, and I was made aware that there’s an entire district (!) of bead shops. My challenge will be to get through the list in a week, while still enjoying the amazing sights of Tokyo.

Here’s just a sample of the creative tools and gifts I plan to buy:

  • Several hundred Miyuki glass beads in about 8-10 colors, for a crocheted mandala project
  • Assorted paper/washi, including origami paper in tissues, foils, and other textures
  • A paring knife and kitchen gadgets (from Kappabashi-dori, or “Kitchen Street”)
  • A new woodworking tool for Dad’s workshop
  • Some kind of anime goodness for my oldest niece (I need to check in with her about that – I’m not anime savvy!)
  • And the list goes on…

I will definitely keep you in the loop as I move around the city! I look forward to being immersed in the quirky, vibrant energy of Tokyo, with all its modern and ancient contradictions, wonderful food, gorgeous people, and I hope my photos and descriptions will help you enjoy along with me. I’ll write more about the trip soon!

PHOTO: a squirrel I made with a stunning foil obtained in Japan. He sits atop a tengui (Japanese cotton towel)

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