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New Spring yarn, and shawl pattern

Just a quick update to show you some yarn (and a pattern!) from one of my recent yarn hauls. There are some bright Spring yarns in my recent acquisitions, and this is one that pops the most.

I found a lovely pattern for a shawl with a pineapple motif, something that I’ve never crocheted before, believe it or not! The pineapple is a classic motif in open-work crocheted garments, tablecloths, and other home goods, so it’s high time I tried them. I can say that this type of garment, as well as colorway, are not typical choices for me, but I am happy so far with my experiment.

I’m using Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop in colorway “Sunsetter”. It’s a sport weight, silky 50/50 blend of cotton and bamboo. The yarn splits a little as I work, but not too much. I have grown to love the colorway, which has rapid color changes, and the color combination looks a bit like flames, instead of pineapple shapes.

The pattern you see started (above photos) is called “Floating Pineapple” and comes from the Spring 2020 issue of Crochet! Magazine (yes! the exclamation point is part of the name). The pattern is a lot of fun, because it moves quickly, and the moderately complex net pattern keeps me on my toes. I’m using a 3.5 mm aluminum vintage Boye hook. When finished, the shawl will be quite large, and enough to cover almost the entire back of a person.

I couldn’t resist starting this Spring pattern a little early. It’s really brightened these mid-winter days. I will put this work aside during my trip to Tokyo next week, but I’ll keep you posted about its progress, as well as the Winter projects I’m wrapping up.

One more thing – I’ve got two dogs this week, not just one! I’m watching my friend’s sweet shih tzu boy while she and her husband are away. Here are the boys!

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