First leg of my trip – Gyeongsan to Busan by Korail

Bags are packed, my puppy is boarded, now I’m on my way. I travel from Gyeongsan to Busan today, because my flight leaves really early from there.

I had a migraine yesterday, so it’s left me with ultra-low energy today, unfortunately. One step at a time.

Korean trains are convenient, cheap, and generally on-time. My town’s train station is about an eight-minute taxi ride from my apartment. The train I take today will be about a 50-minute ride, then I’ll transfer to a subway towards my hotel for the night.

My heart broke a little today for my boy Bodhi. It’s my first trip away from him. He is staying at a boarder in my neighborhood.

The Corona-virus has people wearing masks more than usual in Korea. However, masks aren’t really a new accessory here; it’s common to see people don them in normal times, for all sorts of reasons in addition to illness and air pollution. They also keep your face warm in winter!

PHOTO: Bodhi lounging on the sofa this morning.

That’s it for now. See you soon!

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