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New amigurumi to love: Koala + bonus make

My koala is finished! I started making him before I left for Japan. He is made from a lovely pattern by Storyland Amis.

I used my favorite amigurumi cotton yarn, Phildar Coton 3, a French mercerized cotton, in colors Elephant and Noir. I used a 3.25mm hook. I also added my own personal touches, which include the extra-fluffy ears, made with fur yarn from Daiso. The bow-tie is detachable. He also has a frond of eucalyptus that I created from floral wire and paper.

The koala’s eyes are 15mm safety eyes that are a deep brown, although the photos don’t capture them well. His finished height is about 18cm.

I started by making the koala’s head, then put him aside during my time in Japan. When I returned, I did the rest of the body and assembly over about two days. He was a real joy to make, and I hope to find the right person to love him eventually. For now, he is at home on one of my bookshelves.

And, one more quick make, done last night because I needed a break from some of my long-term projects: a tiny ski hat and scarf that will fit a new doll for my niece. Remember the post from last week about anime dolls in Tokyo? Well… someone special is getting a doll from me (don’t tell yet).

PHOTO: mini hat and scarf to fit a 1/6 Pure Neemo doll from Japan

I love using fine yarn and making small things. I look forward to showing you much more, real soon! Take care.

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