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Projects update: Spice Market CAL and doll accessories

I’m overdue for a check-in with some of my current stitching makes. There is no solid reason why I let so many days go by without posting – I am in the middle of some unexpected downtime these days!

If you’ve been watching the news, you probably know about the Covid-19 epidemic in Korea, and my city is right in the middle of things. My university teaching schedule is delayed through March, and many members of my community are house-bound while we wait out the worst of the virus scare. I am safe and healthy, so far, and have no trouble at all keeping busy.

I mentioned the wonderful Spice Market mandala project in a previous post. I have made progress on it and now am finishing up Part 3. The pattern is true to the style of its designer, Mark Roseboom; it is detailed, precise, and dare I say, tedious? But worth every minute. I think it will shape up to be a beauty.

PHOTO: where I paused today on the Spice Market mandala. It will grow to the size of a table covering – about 85 cm square, or so.

I sometimes need quick projects to keep my head clear. Since I am about to mail my oldest niece a doll, and I also notice that my youngest niece is starting to enjoy dolls, I made a few mini doll accessories.

I mentioned it in my previous post, and here it is again: The tiny hat and scarf are made with beautiful merino from Mothy and the Squid – it’s the same gradient yarn that I used in my Rainbow Smiles sweater. I love this fun yarn, and I still have a fair amount of it left to make something special.

The kawaii lop-eared bunny bag is an amigurumi-inspired article whose concept I saw somewhere on Instagram. I see so many beautiful things daily, and I occasionally forget the exact place or thing that inspired me. As it happened, I had all the things on hand required to make the bag I had in mind – complete with blue seed bead eyes, a pearl bead strap, and a pink bow. Now I’m thinking about making a whole series of mini animal accessories.

I have some new makes in progress and will reveal them soon. Take care and be well!

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