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Potpourri of crafty updates: origami and crochet stuff

If you have the idea that I’m working on several craft projects simultaneously, you would be correct. That’s normal for me and crafts. I’m not sure why, though, because at my job or with people, I am focused and steadfast.

Since coming back from Japan, I’ve done a bit more origami, and organized my huge paper stash. I dipped into the beautiful paper cranes book by Kazuo Kobayashi, and tried one of his more challenging figures, the four “Sazanami / Rippling Cranes” pattern, which uses a single sheet of paper, with four strategic cuts made before folding.

This way of folding is called “renzuru,” which is an advanced technique of folding multiple cranes with one sheet of paper. The crane figure is central in Japanese culture and design, and is a classic motif in origami. I am a newbie at the renzuru technique, so my finished figure has some stress tears at the beak points. I think my paper choice was not optimal: I used a generous size at 25cm square, but it is a basic paper, where a more durable washi would have stood up better to my folding. If you want to read a bit more about renzuru, here is a link that gives a good explanation and shows the art of a master.

I also folded a basic crane from beautiful gold-speckled paper that I got in Kyoto a few years back. He is ready to take to the blustery skies!

I’m still in high spirits from my Tokyo trip, even though the virus concern has kept me close to home since returning. I put all my Miyuki glass beads into the organizer that I got in Beads Town.

The seed beads I got in Tokyo are meant for a special project that I will start this Spring, but I am not sure how long it will take to finish the project (a beaded mandala) – it’s a complicated one. It will be almost as involved as this crochet project I am currently working on, the Spice Market mandala / table covering, coincidentally by the same designer. Here’s where I paused in the pattern today:

Part 4 of this pattern starts with a mosaic crochet technique, which is beautiful and fun to work with. I just learned to use the mosaic technique last year, when I began by making hats, and now I’m enjoying practicing it with much finer yarn (I’m using lace-weight yarn here).

That’s not all I’m working on now… Yes, there’s another one I can fit in here, the beginnings of an amigurumi doll. I will just show you the body today, and share the details of this mystery doll very soon. The doll looks ordinary now, but will transform once I add the head, hair, and accessories to make it something special. I’m looking forward to sharing this mystery character with you soon:

That’s all I have to report today! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll leave you with some images of beautiful papers from my recent trip.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the virus news is weighing heavily on the world. I happen to live in the area hardest hit in Korea. The government is doing a good job keeping things contained, but it will be awhile before life goes back to normal.
      Take care, thanks for keeping in touch! 🌸

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