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More progress with the Spice Market project and doll

Just checking in to share where I’m at with a few of my long-term projects. I have been crafting a bit more slowly recently, since I am officially back to work. Because of the Covid-19 issue, I’ve had to revamp all my lessons to go online for the foreseeable future – so I am plenty busy with adjusting to the new normal.

Creating things keeps me sane. Here’s a photo of where I paused this morning with the Spice Market mandala. It’s now more than a mandala, I think; it is shaping up to be a proper table covering (or wall hanging?). Not sure yet how I will use it, or who might receive it.

It’s a big project, but I’m really enjoying it. There is such a variety of stitches, and I think the photos don;t do it justice. I might share a video with you when it’s all done.

Next, I have finished the doll’s figure, and I’m about ready to start adding hair. This little lady doesn’t show much personality, yet; I think it will emerge after adding the hair and clothing.

I’m really anxious to spend some good time on this doll, because it’s the first of its kind for me. In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have shared the images yet, but I couldn’t help myself. I am a bit worried whether the wire I put in her body will stay secure.

Of course, as are all my craft endeavors, it’s a learning process; I can always make another one, with improvements.

Since coming back from Japan, I’ve been doing more simple but enjoyable things with paper. More or less, I procrastinate on doing another mosaic portrait, like I’ve been meaning to for ages. Today, I made a little prawn from pink gradient chiyogami – it’s a pattern I’ve loved for ages for its cleverness, but I forgot where I originally learned it. I put it with the rest of the menagerie that I made this week:

PHOTO: Origami prawn. Behind it are the bunny and cranes I made earlier this week.

It was beautiful Spring weather today in South Korea, and even though I have been crazy busy prepping for classes, I made a special point to walk around the lake park in my neighborhood. It is pretty all seasons of the year. Lots of people were out walking – wearing masks, but the mood was light. Right now, the earliest of buds are showing themselves: ornamental plum, known in Korea as maehwa (매화) is among the first to arrive. There were daffodils and other random wildflowers peeking through, too. In another week or so, the magnolias and forsythia will start to bloom.

VIDEO: a glimpse of the lake and my boy, Bodhi

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back soon with another craft update.

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