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Small space storage of yarn, and WIP progress

Anyone who gets serious with a hobby (stitching, doll collecting, you name it) will eventually have to reckon with space concerns. Since I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Korea, that reckoning came pretty early on in my crafting adventures. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to find some easy solutions for storing my huge and growing yarn stash. Not to mention all the other crafting supplies, and the things I’ve made, that need homes…

PHOTO: My storage shelves as of this week. They are in the hall by my front door – notice the hand sanitizer on the left 🙂 everything is now Covid-proofed in my life. Most shelves contain yarn, except the top right; there are some of my favorite cookbooks.

These are cheap white shelves that I ordered online. It is hard for me to find just the right thing in Korea, but I have become accustomed to settling, improvising, and making due where needed. If you happened to see one of my posts from last year that showed this exact space, I had a lot less yarn on these shelves then, and it was all exposed. Now I’ve put much of it in bins.

I’ve slowed down crafting a bit because work is keeping me very busy these days. The doll I’m working on has hair now, and I like how it came out. I used a skein of Austermann Kid Silk in a medium turquoise – I was a little short of yarn, though, so need to get more to finish filling out her head, then trim and style the hair.

This doll has a lot of mistakes, unfortunately, so I will probably keep her, and make another to give away. I still love the concept, though, and I hope it will all make sense when I finish the accessories.

People are carrying on bravely in Korea, and the virus issue is being handled well by those in charge. People here are bearing up well for the most part. I might write a blog post soon that gives my thoughts on all that’s happening. My corner of the globe is muted, but not panicked.

Spring is springing up all over the place, with beautiful magnolias, cornel dogwood, daffodils, plum, and wildflowers making their appearance. I can’t wait for cherry blossoms and lilacs.

I’ll leave you with a serene view of the pond on my campus. By next month, the forsythia will color this place with bright yellow blooms.

PHOTO: mid-March at the duck pond

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