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More Spring readiness – blossom inspiration and shawl

All this warm weather this past week in Korea is tempting me outside, to take longer walks with Bodhi. People in my area are emerging from their isolation, albeit cautiously, to sample the Spring air. Masks are worn; social distance is still respected among neighbors, but there’s a general loosening of the vibe in my Korean neighborhood that has me wondering when “normal” life might return.

It’s hard to say what will happen. My online classes are extended week by week. Korea has, at this writing, a decline in virus cases, but it’s still not at zero, and I live in the hardest-hit region. Complacency could set us back if we aren’t careful.

I find this unexpected online teaching that I do now to be a challenge, but an enjoyable one. I’ve never done it, and I now have to conform my normal lessons to a completely new medium. It’s also a challenge in the sense of confronting the viral invader with ingenuity and determination. Mother Nature is keeping us perpetually on our toes. We are all trying to find ways to be safe, sane, nourished, informed, educated, and to carry on.

I am really blessed to be a person who is never bored. My home is full of supplies to keep me entertained for months on end. And I find beauty everywhere. While on a walk with Bodhi, I found violets that made me think of all the shades of blue and purple thread that I have at home to make small crochet flowers. As you may’ve seen in a previous post, I’ve got a huge yarn stash! Simple thoughts like these are comforting.

I’ve started bringing out my lighter scarves. This yellow scarf is one I made last summer, from a boucle’ cotton-blend yarn I found on sale in Sydney, Aus. There were only two skeins left, so I bought them and later decided a loose-weave scarf would be a good project. It’s a treble crochet that I continued until there was just enough yarn left to make simple fringe at each end. The scarf is now one of my favorites.

Right now, I’m thinking, acting, and buying locally, savoring the smallest of joys I can find in my daily routine, and sharing as much as I can within our current limited abilities. Life for many, for a time, has shrunk, as travel, work, and connections have become difficult or simply halted. One thing I’m really grateful for at this time is the Internet.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.

4 thoughts on “More Spring readiness – blossom inspiration and shawl

  1. We only started our lockdown in New Zealand yesterday (Wednesday) so it is encouraging to hear from people starting to come through the other side of isolation. I also don’t tend to get bored so am actually appreciating the opportunity to catch up on a lot of things.Stay safe. 🙂


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