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Gyeongsan forest walk, and crafty bits

Gorgeous weather kept my dog and me out an extra long time on today’s afternoon walk in our neighborhood forest. I’ll share a few photos here that only need a little explanation.

The small pond above is one of two I’m aware of in the forest behind the university where I work. There are many meandering pathways that make for great walking. Lots of folks were out today, wearing masks but not always socially “distant.”

VIDEO: Here’s a look at the pond today. People were out walking and foraging for wild herbs, especially mugwort, a Spring favorite.

I have a lot of crafts projects going on, too. A few are almost ready to share, but not yet. Things move a bit more slowly now that I’m working, even though it’s mostly from home.

I brought out the crochet thread and attempted to make a violet like the ones I saw the other day on our walk. I put some seed beads in the middle to give it some textural interest. It’s not perfect, but I will try again and see if I can make an few of them to embellish a scarf or make earrings.

Also, I haven’t forgotten to make applesauce cake! It’s on the horizon. I may make three small cakes with different additions (dried fruits and nuts) to see how they taste, and to share with my neighbors.

Stay well until we chat again! Bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Gyeongsan forest walk, and crafty bits

  1. Oh wow it look so pretty there!! 🙂 Definitely looks like a great place to take a walk!
    Also your crochet violet is very pretty! 😀

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