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A place for the violets, and more Spring updates

The violets from my last post are now at home on a tiny crocheted basket, complete with a crocheted mini beaded egg. I did this little ensemble quickly, and it’s not without flaws, but the concept is promising. I might try another idea like this, and plan the details a lot more carefully. I used Daiso #20 crochet thread, some glass seed beads (not the Miyuki beads – those will appear in another project), and a bit of stuffing for the egg.

I have really enjoyed making tiny stuff lately! You may see more miniatures coming from me in future posts. I hope to share some how-to’s, as well, when I make time to focus on that.

Since I work from home these days, I’ve been able to lavish extra time on my dear dog, Bodhi. I worry that he will be disappointed when things return to normal, and I go back to a regular teaching schedule. For now, he is overjoyed to have me around. We’re out in the forest a lot, these days. I’ve attached a video sample of yesterday’s outing:

VIDEO: Gyeongsan forest, April 3

Crafting is going well, but slower as I prepare my student’s upcoming mid-term exams. In my next post, I’ll share the current status of the Spice Market mandala, a scarf, and another new project I just started.

I also pulled out a favorite article I made last year, the Summer Diamonds kimono, and wore it on our walk. I love the freedom of short-sleeve weather! I’d really like to make another one of these this year. What color do you think would be a nice one? Bright pink? White? It’s a free pattern at One Dog Woof, and so easy to make, as it is one piece and has no buttons – you can see it up-close, below:

So glad you stopped by! I’ll leave you with a view of a typical Korean lunch: bibimbap and several side dishes (called “banchan”). See you again soon!

PHOTO: Korean lunch. The black bowl contains bibimbap, a dish of mixed vegetables, seaweed, egg, and rice; I mix mine with a spicy red chili paste called “gochujang” (the tiny dish at top right). The small dishes include kimchi, fish cakes, sesame leaves, marinated mushrooms, seaweed, root vegetables, and a bowl of steaming soup with tofu and fermented soy. It’s incredibly tasty!

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