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Hidden places in my Korean neighborhood; finished Frontier shawl

I just finished another Frontier shawl, and I am ready to start yet another, this time in ivory. What do you think of this light orange color? It will be great with denim, I think. Now, to find someone to adopt it!

To see this shawl crocheted in a mint color, click here. If you’d like to find this free pattern, you can do a search for “Frontier Shawl” at Furls Crochet. The designer is on Instagram: @casalecrafts .

If I’m not working or crafting, there’s a good chance I will be outside these days (still masked, of course). My dog Bodhi will also be with me, if I’m taking some of the forested trails behind my neighborhood.

I wrote in January about the preserved folk village in my neighborhood, which was relocated back in the 1970s to its current place. Every season repaints the landscape. Winter was all neutrals, and Spring is now pastels. I’ve taken to walking (trespassing?) down trails around the village that I’ve never tried before, and have found a few new things, including a pond that I didn’t know existed. And I’ve seen at least one bird species there that I’ve never seen in Korea.

On Sunday, Bodhi and I walked near the Gyeongsan Sports Complex, which I hadn’t explored at length. It was almost completely deserted except for a few other intrepid walkers. I found an intriguing, old secluded cemetery and a walking trail in the hills behind the complex. It is a great walking place for humans and dogs, and I will certainly go back soon to explore a bit more, and take decent photos to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by – I promise not to let too much time go by until another post. Take care!

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