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Origami crane box – 2 in 1 pattern

Just want to share with you an elegant little envelope / box design that I made from Kazuo Kobayashi’s book of crane folding. You can see other designs I folded from his book, here, and you can see Mr. Kobayashi here during my trip to Tokyo in February.

The crane box is the result of continuing the folds on a crane envelope, pictured above. It starts with a sheet of 24x24cm paper. I chose a paper that has color on one side, and a gold and silver-flecked design on the other, because both sides can be seen in each of the models. It could also be made in a single color or white+color and I think look very elegant.

The crane is an auspicious symbol in Japanese culture, signifying longevity. I love that this symbol can be transformed from one design into two useful and beautiful vessels. I am all about bringing together the utilitarian and the beautiful.

These days I’m especially grateful to have amassed so many wonderful travel memories, as well as crafty items and supplies to fuel my imagination. It is definitely food for my soul during these uncertain times.

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