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Crafty updates and new “helper”

Back in February, I finished the Floating Pineapples shawl, but didn’t manage to get a good photo of it, until now – I just bought a simple torso mannequin to help me with styling and taking photos.

The pattern called for two balls of Bamboo Pop yarn, but I ran out of yarn before I could finish the row of nine pineapples – so I only got to eight pineapples across. It’s not a big deal, because the shawl is plenty big as it is, and I love it. I am a bit surprised, though, since it’s a significant miscalculation in a popular crochet magazine. I wonder if anyone else had my issue with running out of yarn. See more about this garment, here.

I was a bit worried that I would be “spooked” by having a mannequin in my home, but I hardly notice it.

I just cleaned and stored my favorite cardigan, and I used the helper mannequin to take some shots of it. I will miss this cardigan until Fall comes around again. It’s a pattern by Mon Petit Violon, using crochet V-stitch and a wool blend tweed yarn by Rowan.

That’s about it for now! I will check back in soon, to update about my Spice Market mandala progress. Thanks for stopping by!

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