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An imaginative “map” of my neighborhood, and some crafty updates

On Instagram recently, I found out about a beautiful project from the artist and teacher Molly Mary Simmons at Direction of Flow. Her concept is called a Mapestry, and it invites people who are on their respective “islands” during this time of isolation, to submit individually-rendered maps of one’s dwelling-space or neighborhood. These maps will be collected and eventually displayed in a digital “”Mapestry.”

The map can be as simple as a real tour around one’s neighborhood or dwelling-place, or something more fantastical, even a mind-map. It’s up to you. No map-making skills are necessary. Just paper, pens, or other media for drawing are all that’s required. Mine is very simplistic (see below).

I hadn’t drawn anything in many years, even though I am daily doing some sort of crafts project with either paper or yarn. I found the process very cathartic, and it was fun to think about what bits to include in my simple drawing, and add some imagination. It reminded me what treasures exist in the area around my home, and even more, inside – it is a place of safety that I’m especially grateful for during this turbulent time. Molly’s Mapestry project seeks to connect all the disparate maps that people share, in order to celebrate unity and the appreciation of nature and the smallest and simplest things in our lives. It’s also a means to “transport” us, however figuratively, through the power of imagination.

I highly recommend going to her website or visiting @directionofflow at Instagram, and read more about the project. Even more, try drawing your own map and send it over! She is collecting maps from around the world.

I got a yarn shipment recently, which always lifts my spirits. The package came all the way from Lithuania, with some gorgeous rust-colored linen thread, as well as some Phildar summer yarns. I realize that I love this Phildar Popcorn yarn, and I should have ordered more of it.

I’ll have some big updates (finally!) about my WIPs in the next couple of posts. Let me know if you decide to make a map for the Mapestry! I would love to see it. I will leave you with some beautiful red clover from my magical high-rise apartment landscape. πŸ™‚

PHOTO: Red clover. Blossoms can be dried and used for tea.

6 thoughts on “An imaginative “map” of my neighborhood, and some crafty updates

  1. I love your map! Earlier this week there was an article in the New York Times about this exact thing — how to draw a map including your eight favorite places. Your map would be lovely framed and hanging in a cozy nook.

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