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Craft Tidbits and Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve taken on yet another project. I was chosen to test-crochet a garment for a young designer, and it’s an easy one with a June 2 deadline. I have to keep the details about it mum, but I promise to share when I’m finished. I’m using my tried-and-true Hi-soft cotton blend yarn and a 3.75mm hook. The gauge is perfect, thank goodness, so let’s see what will result.

At work, I’m still teaching online, and we just gave our Mid-term. I’ve also been cranking away at many other lovely projects in my free time. I’m almost ready to show the “fruits of my labor” here:

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s Mother’s Day today in Korea (tomorrow in the States). I’ll be calling Mom and my sister in the morning. I never had children of my own, and have mixed feelings about it that I won’t detail in this post; but I have been a mother to, or nurtured, many people, pets, projects, and ideas. I’m sometimes a mother to myself, when I need to be.

I’ll say goodbye and leave you with some beautiful poppies blooming on my campus. See you soon!

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