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Crochet update and thoughts on summer travel

Summer travel is usually big for me, and I typically try to get out of Korea during the hottest part of the year – my recent favorite August destinations have been home to California; Australia (it’s winter Down Under in August); and Japan. This year is different, of course. Travel is made difficult because of the pandemic.

I’ve planned short trips to two places in Korea that I’m excited about visiting. One is Seoul, which I have seen many times, but never tire of; and the other is Andong, a historic city that is not far from my current home near Daegu, but I have not yet visited in my dozen years living in Korea. Andong is known for the Hahoe Folk Village, a “living” village that is also an Unesco World Heritage site. I’m also interested in sampling the local culinary specialties, and of course, checking out the traditional handicrafts. I’m not sure where I’ll stay yet, but I may try to find a nice hanok (traditional house).

PHOTO: Map of South Korea’s major cities. I live in Gyeongsan (just east of Daegu, circled). Seoul and Andong are on my list to visit this summer. Map credit goes to:

In Seoul, I’ve already rented a whole house to myself for two nights in July, and my dog is welcome there, so he’ll be coming. The house is a traditional dwelling with modern amenities, near the palaces. I’ll be sure to share photos of these lovely trips in a post.

I’m still working on crocheting a test garment for a designer, but have been sworn to secrecy until the first week of June. You can read a tiny bit about it in this previous post. I can say that it’s coming along well and I’ll be done with the work by this Monday, if I keep to my schedule.

I’m about half-way done with a white version of the Frontier Shawl. I’ve already made a mint color that I enjoy wearing, and an orange version that is put away, still waiting for a home of its own.

Lastly, the Spice Market mandala is nearing the final rounds. I’m excited that I’ll be doing the last mosaic part very soon. It has been quite an enjoyable journey, crocheting this design! I’ll be ready for another complicated, long-term project after this; maybe a beaded mandala? I bought Miyuki glass beads in Tokyo for just such a project.

PHOTO: The Spice Market pattern as of this morning. There’s just one more significant border design to do before finishing.

The weather in my region has been perfect, warm days and cool nights. The scarlet roses that are planted all over Korea are opening now. I will leave you with photos of them, taken in front of my neighborhood’s Kindergarten. These don’t really have a fragrance, but they are so pretty and old-fashioned. So glad you stopped by!

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