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A bit of “housekeeping” and a sneak-peek at my test garment

I have been so absorbed with work and my crochet projects that I think I’ve lost a bit of my paper mojo (pojo?). I want to get inspired again, because I have a lot of beautiful ideas on the back burner, including a cut-out paper flower kit I bought in Tokyo that would be perfect right now.

This lotus from a few years ago was wonderfully easy to make, and I’m reminded how I enjoy making origami flowers. I promise to make some more very soon.

I am finally done with the test crochet garment, and I’m happy with it. I can’t show you the whole thing yet, though, nor describe it (I promised the designer), but I can show you a part of it (below). I was a bit worried about my yarn choice at first, but now I think it’s perfect, with its summery drape and hydrangea-pink shade. The pattern should be made public by the end of next week, then I’ll have something more detailed to share with you.

Sometimes the Covid lockdown hits me hard emotionally, even though I am so busy and trying to stay positive. Occasionally, as a foreigner, I feel the walls figuratively closing in. Without going into too much detail, Korea is doing well to the outside world, but it has implemented some hard policies to control where and how non-Koreans travel. I won’t be able to go home this summer because of some rather impractical policies. I’ve vowed to make the best of things, knowing I am privileged in any case. It’s my opportunity to appreciate where I am, in all its detail.

One thing I did recently was discover a charcuterie source in Korea (France Gourmet). It’s mail order, which is even better. I just received some merguez and pâté en croûte, which if you’re not familiar are essentially two kinds of cured meats / meat products. This kind of silly thing delights me to no end. I am an avid home cook but had been feeling bored and sad lately with my own cooking. The merguez will go nicely into a tagine or some other yummy, spicy North African dish.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t share yet one more view of the Spice Market mandala. I truly am getting close to the end – promise. I share mainly to keep myself on track. It forces me to be accountable for finishing in a timely fashion, and I am.

Always a pleasure to drop in and give you some tidbits about my daily doings. I’m under water with final exams looming these days, so may post a little less frequently in the coming month.

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