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Juniper cardigan is finished, plus what’s ahead

Just a quick post to share the Juniper cardigan I finished about two weeks ago. I volunteered to test-crochet the garment for Rachel at Desert Blossom Crafts. It’s a simple, lovely cardi that’s crocheted in one piece and has minimal seaming. The pattern is very beginner-friendly.

I’m happy I could help this young designer with her first pattern collection. She seemed to have a nice team of testers to support her. The cardigan pattern is part of a collection that is for sale together until next week; then each pattern will be available individually on Ravelry and Etsy. You can also find Rachel on Instagram.

I used my tried-and-true Hi-soft 4-ply yarn, and a 3.75mm hook, to stitch this together. Since the pattern can be customized, I opted for a bit longer, kimono-length article with lots of ease. I added small slits on each side to give it some movement. Lastly, I made up a little tasseled belt, but not so sure I like it. I like the idea of having one, but I may decide to add a little button closure instead, later on.

I have a couple of garments that are very close to finishing, and I can’t forget the Spice Market, which is nearing its last rounds. These final rounds are slow going, but I do a little of it daily.

I’ll leave you with some shots of a walk I took yesterday, with Bodhi. I live steps away from a man-made lake (more than one, actually, but one is quite large), and part of it in Summer sprouts into a lotus garden, with several different varieties.

Twice now, I’ve seen what I think is a white-naped crane. I got really close this time – enough to see his almost 4 feet in height – but scared him off before I could get a good photo. This photo is after he glided away from me. These cranes have a big wingspan, with a ponderous flap as they take off.

I’ll leave you with some flower origami I put with my cilantro, to keep it company. See you again soon!

PHOTO: potted cilantro is slow-growing, but serving me well in salads these days. The little doll is from a shop in Yanaka, Tokyo.

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