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New granny square bag, and care package from the U.S.

I just finished this little granny square bag, using some leftover Phildar “Shiny” yarn from my summer top, as well as some brown and pink cotton that I had in my stash, found during a yarn shopping trip in Fukuoka three years ago. All the cottons together make for a sturdy yet supple bag.

I’m not sure why I have never made one of these little granny bags before now! It was quick and fun. Granny squares are so easy to make, and they are great for using up scrap yarn (my readers know how I can’t bear to waste scraps)! This bag takes thirteen squares of identical dimensions, plus enough yarn to sew them together, to make a nice top border, and a strap on each side. I had enough yarn of all colors to make slightly different color combinations on front and back.

I received a care package today from my family in California, since my birthday is coming this week. It had a delightful mix of things I’d been waiting for, and some gorgeous surprise drawings from my artistic nieces, aged 11 and 3. My older niece really has an eye for color – and my younger niece also shows amazing promise! 🙂

Among the craft goodies inside were a few dozen hanks of Loops and Threads embroidery floss, and an antique pair of embroidery scissors by a German company called F. Koeller. They have marvelous little fish at the handles, and are still super sharp.

Last but not least, the care package contained ten hanks of Shubui Knits Pebble yarn in color “Imperial.” This is a gorgeous and very expensive silk/merino/cashmere yarn with tweed flecks. The color is hard to capture – a deep red-purple with dun and green flecks. The yarn is a light fingering weight, light as a cloud, and I am saving it for something special.

That’s all I have today – I’ll be back soon to share some nature photos, after the current monsoon rains subside. Take care!

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