Birthday cake and Instagram giveaway

It’s my birthday week, so I set up a giveaway on Instagram for one of my Frontier shawls and a care package of surprise treats from Korea. Go to my Insta profile @the_frill_seeker and read the instructions! I’ll pick a random winner by June 23 PST.

I made a flourless chocolate cake, and look forward to sharing. The cake is one I’ve made several times in the past, and it is dense with chocolate, like a pudding cake. For my birthday last year, I made a triple-layer chocolate cake – this year’s is more low-profile but just as wonderful.

Bunches of roses, forget-me-nots, and ranunculus dress the table. There will also be champagne today.

Yes, champagne; that’s how I roll on my birthday, and the birthdays for those closest to me.

Lastly, I am plugging away happily on my projects as well as winding down the semester at the uni. I have complex feelings about these last few months in confinement, which I may unravel in a future post… meantime, I’ll take today to enjoy the cake, bubbly, and well-wishes that I accept with gratitude.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon.

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