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Finished “daisy granny” jean jacket

I finished another granny square jean jacket, this time with a green-yellow-blue color scheme. I’d originally wanted to go with more cobalt blue, but I changed my mind as I was working, and decided I liked more yellow.

Luckily, I started out with plenty of fun colors in my stash of acrylic yarns; I used Daiso and Paintbox yarns in white, neon yellow, and a variegated blue/green/white color mix. The concept is similar to the previous jean jacket I made for my niece, back in January.

This jacket took a bit more yarn, and I decided to go a little askew with the back pattern. The idea to add little lazy-daisy embroidery touches and beads didn’t come until after I’d already finished crocheting everything.

The jacket was found at a thrift shop in the traditional market area of Gyeongsan, Korea. It cost about 3 U.S. dollars.

I’ll try to wear it soon for a photo or video. I plan to show my completed Spice Market mandala on video in the next few days, so I might wear it then.

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