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Finished Spice Market Mandala

After several months of stitching almost every morning, I’ve finished the Spice Market mandala. I started it way back in February, right before my trip to Tokyo. That means I’ve been working on it bit by bit for the last 5 months.

Spice Market mandala is finished!
Close-up video best shows the colors.

So much has happened in that time! The mandala has been my constant morning companion during this period of isolation, and now I’m delighted to give it a central place in my home. It will start as a wall hanging, and maybe someday will serve as a table decoration.

The finished mandala is 64cm square. It was crocheted with several colors of Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush, a lace-weight cotton yarn, and a 1.80mm hook. You can check the archives for all my posts about it.

What’s next, you ask? Would you believe that I have another slightly smaller mandala to make. Yes, it’s another beautiful design by @theguywiththehook, and this one will use those splendid Miyuki glass beads I bought in Tokyo, way back in February. The design is made to resemble a galaxy.

Come back soon for details about it and my other projects. So good of you to stop by! I’ll be traveling to Seoul in two days, and will post here about my adventure.

PHOTO: Bodhi enjoying a break during his walk

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