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Post-typhoon nature walk, and crochet projects update

My posts are coming slower these days – I’m really bogged down at work, like so many educators during this pandemic. There is some wheel-reinventing going on that is unavoidable.

I have plenty to be thankful for, including the simple pastimes that distract me from worries. That still includes going out in nature with my pup Bodhi. A typhoon blew through our region yesterday, which made for some eerie yet beautiful vistas as the sun set. Bo and I walked to the west side of my campus, where there’s a big pond overgrown with lotus.

I spotted a couple out lounging and fishing in the pond, which I think cannot be for eating purposes – there are only small carp in there. There were still high winds and high water, which made for an exhilarating walk behind the fading storm.

Signs of Autumn are turning up everywhere. Lotus are past their prime and some trees are showing gilded edges. The hum of cicadas is more faint. Water birds are having a field day! I saw another elusive crane (my third sighting this year) glide over the water then disappear before I could get a photo.

Back home, my Metropolis cardigan is coming along nicely. I am nearly done with the body, and in a few days I’ll begin working on one of the sleeves. I think I will make balloon sleeves for this garment – I might be a little short on yarn, though, so I hope that doesn’t delay me.

I just finished another Key West shawl, and I’ll share it with some additional updates in my next post. Take care and see you soon!

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