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Mini update – late summer transition and new mystery amigurumi

Just a few words to check in and show some shots from a brief walk around my campus. Fall is practically here, and the weather is so much more tolerable. My boy Bodhi agrees.

Soon the lotus will completely die back, and all those fiery colors of autumn will be in effect.

I am super busy at work, but I plug away diligently at making things, to keep me sane. I just began a new amigurumi for a dear friend. This one has a lot of little parts, so please bear with me before you try to guess what it is – you can find a photo below of just a few starting pieces. OK – I can give you a hint! It’s not the type of figure I usually do (neither a food nor an animal). I’ll post a few more pieces soon.

PHOTO: The beginnings of a new amigurumi figure. I’m using my all-time favorite amigurumi yarn, Phildar “Phil Coton 3.” It’s a French yarn but I am able to find some colors online in Korea.

That’s it, for now! Thanks for stopping by. I tend to be quicker about posting to Instagram these days, so if you have an account there, please feel free to follow my crafts @the_frill_seeker .

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