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Welcome, October! Blog milestones to crow about

This month is The Frill Seeker’s one-year anniversary. It’s hard to believe I’ve taken a trip around the sun with you already! And what a year it’s been. Just this week, I’ve also written my 100th blog post.

I decided to add a search function to the sidebar, since I’m racking up so much content. Check it out – plug in a word, and see what comes up!

I’ve had a lot of fun with this tiny corner of the Internet. I hope to share my first really involved (and free! of course) crochet garment pattern in the coming few months. I’m still honing my craft(s), and this is the space where I’ll continue to share everything I learn, and all the geeky crafty things (and travel, finally, once again?) that occupy my off-hours.

Thanks for joining me on my crafting journey. I hope the next trip around the sun brings well-being, peace, and inspiration.

Happy Blogiversary xoxo October 2020

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