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WIPs update: cocoon shrug, cardigan progress, amigurumi, and new velvet yarn

Just popping in to share a pod / cocoon shrug I made with my old fave, Hi-Soft 4-ply cotton blend. I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time, because it’s basically one big granny square that’s folded like origami. Folds made to the center create sleeve openings, and only a seam on each side is needed to fix the shape. It’s also possible to add as much of a border around the sleeves and body opening as you think is necessary – I added just a little, and after wearing it out on a walk, I decided I would add just a bit more of a border around the body.

This idea is about as beginner-friendly as it gets. For an average small to medium size (it’s roomy), crochet a granny square of about 32-34 inches. Fold in the corners and seam the sleeve openings about half-way across, or as you like for the sizing. Then add single crochet borders around the sleeves and body.

I am closing in on the finish of my Metropolis cardigan. Both balloon sleeves are done. I’m now adding length to the bottom, and I’ll finish with the button plackets by next week. I will be sure to bring you along for button-shopping.

The “mystery” amigurumi (a tractor, actually) is coming along slowly but surely. I finished the wheels and axels today. Next up will be the bonnet and some accessories, before I sew the parts together. The tractor is turning out to be a little bigger than I thought it would be, but I love it.

Lastly, I got out some Bernat Velvet yarn in a beautiful shade of blue. It is for an oversize tunic that I planned to make last year, but I never got around to it. This looks like it will be one of my next projects, since the pattern looks very easy. I am trying to balance some simple things with my more long-term projects.

That’s it for today! Be well, and I will see you again soon with something from my kitchen.

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