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Tractor amigurumi, plus ongoing WIPs

The tractor amigurumi is now finished! This cute little pattern is by Toota Toys and is available in Ravelry.

The tractor has a lot of small parts – a counterweight, beacon, mirrors, headlights, mudguards, exhaust, and treaded tires with axles. It was a challenge to sew everything together and have it maintain stability. The tractor body and tires are stuffed with pieces of foam rubber, which should help it keep its shape better than fiberfill. You can see the wheels and beginning stitches in previous posts. This tractor is reserved for a friend who loves them and is having a birthday soon.

I’m wearing my Metropolis cardigan in the mornings now when I walk the dog. The daytime temperature here is still nice and warm, but nights and mornings are a bit chilly. The sleeves are a fun touch, and I made them short enough that they don’t get in my way.

I’ve tucked into that wonderful Scheepjes Wanderlust yarn, to make a big shawl. I’m using a simple pattern, and not sure how the border will look yet – check back soon; I think it will be a matching brown border, and almost certain there will be tassels!

That’s it for today’s crafty update! Thanks for stopping by. Healing vibes out to all.

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