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Finished object: pocket shawl / reader’s wrap

Just checking in to share the finished pocket shawl (a.k.a. reader’s wrap) I finished last night. It’s a wonderfully squishy garment made with Peruvian alpaca and wool. I’m really fond of this design by Crochet with Carrie! You can find this free pattern on her website (you can also find Carrie on Instagram @hey_carriex ). She has a lot of free crochet patterns that are lovely basics and easy for beginners.

I made a few small changes to this garment. Because the garment was curling on the working edge (the back), I finished by using a half-double stitch all the way across, instead of a single crochet. This seems to have helped the fabric lie flat. Carrie’s original pattern photos didn’t show this problem, but I imagine that my tension / the yarn I used could have had some influence.

Also, I made the fringe a tiny bit shorter and sparser than her recommendation. Part of the reason is I didn’t want a lot of fluff in the way; another is that I was getting very close to running out of yarn after using five full skeins. I’m happy with the result and would do it again. It has a ribbed collar and two generous pockets that would be great for holding a TV remote, paperback, cookies… it all depends what you wear it for.

That’s it for now! Slowly but surely, I will share with you my ongoing projects. Next up will likely be the Cheshire Cat! Until then, stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Finished object: pocket shawl / reader’s wrap

    1. Thank you very much! 🙏🏻❤️ Apparently these pocket shawls are all the rage now. There are lots of lovely free patterns in Pinterest if you’re thinking to try one.


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