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Happy New Year! First post of 2021 and Winter view

Just checking in to send out a wish for a happy, healthy, hopeful New Year.

I have to laugh a little as I look at my modest crafting resolutions from last year. Hardly any of the things I dreamed of doing got done! But a few important ones did – for example, I made my Tokyo trip in February 2020, just in time to make it back to Korea for lockdown. I also finished a few of the projects that had carried over from 2019. Still others wait in my queue; yet I finished some additional projects that I’m really proud of, and that I was delighted to give away or wear.

This year I know better than to make specific crafting resolutions. Let’s just say I’ll do my very best to finish what I start and keep learning the things on my (long) bucket list. Right now at home, I am starting to paint my living room, so it will take me away from my beloved crafty endeavors for a short while. I’ll do some stitching in the mornings, but the paint job will take precedence for a couple of weeks. I’m on Winter Break now, so I have time to spruce up my home.

My daily dog walks take me outside to the winter landscape. I compare photos of the lake on the west side of campus on January 1, versus last September, after the last big typhoon. What a difference four months make!

I’ll check back soon with an update on my Cheshire Cat figure. Thanks for stopping by!

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