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Scrap yarn pillow cover is done

My granny square throw pillow, made with scrap yarn, is finished and ready to grace the bench in my hall area. I’ll be painting my kitchen walls this week, and one wall will be a soft lime color, so this pillow will be a nice little accent.

About a year ago, I made another, similar pillow with leftover yarn. It was a little bigger than this one, but just as easy. I made a granny square with a variety of stitches, changing yarn randomly as I stitched around. For both pillows, I began with 16 double crochets in a round, and went from there.

This green pillow used a variety of worsted weight yarn and a J hook (6 mm) to complete. I sewed it directly onto the pillow form using a single crochet stitch. The finished size is 40 cm square.

It’s really satisfying to use leftover materials to create something useful. I’ll check in again soon with news about my (many!) other projects.

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