Dad’s 2020 Christmas ornament and vintage hats

Well, yesterday I received a wonderful and highly anticipated Christmas care package from home (California) that took an unexpected seven weeks to arrive – after Christmas, but of course it is no one’s fault, just another pandemic glitch. Dad’s yearly Christmas ornament was inside. This year he has created an adorable sailboat with a red mainsail and a Christmas tree perched at the bow.

PHOTO: Dad’s 2020 Christmas ornament šŸ™‚ Santa’s sailboat. The sail is decorated with holiday motifs.

I’ll cherish it as I do all the others, and keep this one on display for awhile, before I tuck it away in the Christmas box until next December.

Another surprise in the box were two vintage tams knitted by my great-grandmother Tillie. They were made many years ago for my grandma Fay, who sadly passed in November 2020. I was thrilled to receive them, as it’s nice to have these hand-made links to family history. I have already worn the black one. I feel like a proper Scottish lass with it on. I’ll treasure them as well as the memories of my grandmother, and great-grandmother, who taught me crochet and knitting.

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