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New pond ducks, and a bit more crafty goodness

Winter has been mild this year, so we’ve been able to take some great nature walks when the temperatures get high enough. Yesterday, the pup and I stopped by the YU pond, since it had been awhile, and I noticed some different ducks that I hadn’t seen before, co-mingling with the brown ducks and the Eurasian coots that are always there. These ducks were interesting because some had greenish head markings, similar to a mallard.

There were some others that had brownish-red heads with a white swoop, which appear to be Eurasian widgeons, another bird I haven’t noticed in the pond before. From what I read, I can guess that the widgeons come from northern parts, and fly south to Korea during the winter months. These guys were all swimming around together, jockeying for a place in the pond, and no doubt conducting some territorial rites that waterfowl are wont to do. I took a bit of video and a photo:

VIDEO: A convention of Eurasian coots, widgeons, and hybrid ducks

I went on the Internet and found information about hybrid ducks in Korea, and there have been sightings of hybrid ducks that appear very much like the ones I saw here. I will definitely look deeper into the duck situation here and for that matter, continue to pay close attention to all the birds. Occasionally there are some surprises!

Meanwhile, house painting continues, and is going well. One of my walls is now green, and I do love it. When I break, I work a little on my stitching projects, including this easy pocket shawl I have in my WIP pile right now. It is moving fast, which is satisfying – most of my other projects are lovely but slow-going.

So glad you stopped by! I will check in again soon with some finished garments to share.

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