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New paper cut floral art from Japan

Now that I’ve finished painting my kitchen and living room area, it’s time to think about organizing pictures I want to hang.

Just today, I completed a wonderful little paper cut-out floral kit that I got on my trip to Tokyo last February, at one of my favorite paper shops and galleries, Ozu Washi. The beautifully simple motif uses layered paper that I have cut myself with an Exacto knife. The flower petals and leaves took some patience to cut properly, as there are some narrow spots in the design. The flowers are light purple with a yellow center, rimmed in black, mounted with a glue stick on creamy white stock. I’ll frame in simple black. They remind me of morning glories.

The kit includes a pre-printed floral motif and instructions in Japanese that give tips about how to cut (since I’m not so proficient in Japanese, I looked at the photo explanation to help me get oriented).

I have some framed cut-out stencils from Laos that would be nice partners to hang in a group, with my other paper cut-out treasures. When I hang them all together, I’ll post. Meantime you can see some favorite paper shops in Tokyo here and see my free-hand paper cutting examples here.

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