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Sunrise Bridge stroll; Finished cozy reader’s wrap

Yesterday I had business at the Immigration Office downtown, and decided to take the long way back home while finishing some errands. Before hopping on the subway in the Dongchon area, I paused to take some photos of the nearby Sunrise Bridge, a pretty structure spanning Daegu’s Geumho River. The bridge leads from the Dongchon subway stop and riverfront park on one side, across to the Ayanggyo subway stop, an amusement park, and duck-boat dock on the other side.

The bridge is a popular spot to watch the sun rise on New Year’s Day, as well as to view the cherry blossom time in April. Our weather this winter has been unseasonably warm, so we may indeed have an early bloom; I’ll be sure to come here to enjoy it. The view of the river is peaceful, and I spotted some familiar avian friends, including a solitary seagull that surprised me — Daegu is not particularly close to the sea. This guy might have been lured out by fish in the river. I also saw ducks and coots that I’ve seen at my neighborhood pond and written about here.

I didn’t have time to stay longer, but next time I will definitely bring Bo and walk more extensively on both sides of the riverbank.

VIDEO: View of Geumho River from the Sunrise Bridge, Dongchon, Daegu, ROK

I also found out that the Dongchon subway station is the furthest underground in the Daegu subway system, and that the rail from the Dongchon and Ayanggyo stops passes directly under the Geumho River. It made me think of the “old days” of riding the BART from Oakland to San Francisco, under the San Francisco Bay – a shorter distance here, but nonetheless a feat of engineering.

Last night I finished trimming the fringe on this latest reader’s wrap, and I’m wearing as I type. It’s so cozy and perfect for today, since we are in the midst of a tiny cold snap, before the temperatures rise again at the end of this week to warmer-than-usual.

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