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On the verge of Spring in Korea; WIP updates

This was my last week before starting a brand new semester at the uni. It has been a really mild week weather-wise; in fact this winter in general was one of the warmest since I’ve been living in Gyeongsan. I imagine we’ll have another “early” cherry blossom show this year, although early might now be the new normal.

Dogwood, plum, and magnolia buds are appearing, and there’s a barely-perceptible green veneer on the landscape, even though nothing is in leaf yet.

VIDEO: YU pond ducks and coots this week.
VIDEO: YU folk village this week. Everything is neat and tidy and ready for Spring.

It has been one year this month since I started the Spice Market mandala, which I finished in July 2020. It was my big “Covid project” last Spring, and now that I have finished painting my living room, it has found a new home on the opposite wall from its original place. I am also still plugging along with many projects that have stalled during my painting and purging at home this winter. Almost done are two wonderful shawls that have taken me forever, but both have been great learning experiences for the different techniques I was able to practice. I have some other small crochet projects that I’ll share soon, including a hat.

I’ve kept some nice old tablecloths in Korean linen and cotton, and I’m cutting them up to make everyday table runners and placemats. Korean linen in particular is wonderful to work with, supple, and doesn’t wrinkle much. I may go to the traditional market soon and pick up a few more yards of it in different colors. Check back soon to see what I find!

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