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New crochet cable hat with floof

This cute hat pattern is called Camdyn, from a free pattern by Lakeside Loops. It took about 200 grams of DK yarn, and I topped it with one of my tremendous pompoms (I call them “floofs”) that I bought on Etsy from Achilles Original Art. If you make this hat, you could certainly make your own pompom or even do without one.

The cable pattern uses treble crochets in front loops, and the result is a chunky, rustic look. I think the pattern is simple enough for a confident beginner who’s ready to try a challenge. The hat’s brim curls up ever-so-slightly when it lies flat, but it behaves when it is being worn. It is soft and comfortable.

The yarn is a squishy 100% merino that I was lucky enough to get at a bargain price at a shop in Seomun Market. I have lots of choices in my stash, and I went with this oatmeal shade. I don’t crochet cables very often, but this pattern was pretty easy, and the work went quickly. Of course, my favorite step was to sew on this floof! I’d been wanting to make such a hat for awhile; now I have one.

What say you, should I make another? What color? Let me know in comments!

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