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Early Spring on YU campus, with video

Just a quick check-in to share what this early Spring bloom has been up to this week. You can see magnolias are out, and we even have some cherry blossoms starting to appear, which are two weeks early! The temperatures have been in the high teens (about 60 Fahrenheit) which is warm.

I work alternately at home and at my office on campus. Since I only come into the office about two days a week these days, I see new things seemingly pop out from nowhere between a Thursday and the following Monday. I’ve always enjoyed watching the seasons change in Korea, especially since I come from Southern California, which is an eternally temperate climate, having only very subtle markers of seasons changing.

VIDEO: On campus in mid-March.

Over the years I’ve spent in a climate with four distinct seasons, I’ve observed a psychological effect from the manifest changes in weather. In Korea I’m always preparing for, enduring, relishing, or planning around whatever weather pattern may be at hand. I prepare for Winter, endure the dog days of Summer, plan around the monsoons, and relish the Autumn since I know it is fleeting. In California there isn’t that extra mindfulness of climate and its potential inconveniences, since almost every day is temperate there. The cyclical pace of seasons underscore the passage of time, and at least in me, have fostered a sense of appreciation, patience, and significance.

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