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Cherry blossom season

As promised, a few photos on my walk to work today. I never tire of taking photos of Korea in spring or fall.

Cherry and forsythia
Shy violets are out, too.
Duck pond
Folk village

I think cherry blossom photography is a national pastime here. Despite the pandemic’s curtailed campus life, this week’s bloom has lured out of hiding a bunch of masked nature lovers. Like everyone else, I’m eager to witness the confetti of pink petals before they’re gone for another year.

I hope to get into the forest this week so I can share a few more with you. Until then, be well.

2 thoughts on “Cherry blossom season

  1. I was just talking to a friend today about how lovely it is to see cherry blossom near us in Kent, UK and also on lots of blog posts. Maybe we’ve a little more time these days to appreciate the magic of nature. During the pandemic I know I’ve taken a lot more notice of my surroundings. Beautiful photos.

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